A Unified Security Centre with Digifort VMS

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is integrated with Digifort – A Surveillance System specialises in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. The integration with Digifort Enterprise VMS (Video Management System) provides end-users with a unified security centre, relaying alarm signals from our PIDS and enabling the user to receive alarms and tamper alerts via the Digifort platform.

Key features of PIDS and Digifort integration

  • Proactive monitoring of each PIDS sensor
  • Intrusion alerts from the triggered PIDS sensor relay precise location information that comes through a video pop-up of the assigned camera pre-set and position within DigiFort Enterprise Client
  • Automatic marking of PIDS intrusion events and video feeds in a single log, allowing operators to retrieve intrusion reports and analyse easily

Why choose us?

Our PIDS sensor is customised to the perimeter length and type of infrastructure. Each sensor provides accurate details of the intrusions. Together with our intelligent software capable of interacting with existing surveillances system through Digifort VMS, it offers a 360 degrees panamorphic lens dewarping with display controls from a PTZ perspective, both in live and recorded images portrayed at the security centre.

Supports unlimited physical perimeter coverage now and in future
PIDS system architecture is scalable to site without any restrictions to perimeter length, and hence, large, small, and multiple sites can be assured eligible application for all deployment sites. Through Digifort Enterprise capable of supporting unlimited surveillances, the only limitation is the capacity of the users’ processing sever. Therefore, any consideration of a new premise or an extension of additional sites is possible with our future-ready solution.

Guarantee ease of administration and post-incident analysis
The backend data management of all sites comes through a smart event log, allowing automated registration of all the activities that have happened within the server, such as alarm inputs from the PIDS and actions executed by a security officer during an incident. The information can then be easily exported for audit record or accounting purpose from the server.

In the event of an intrusion or suspicious activity, user can easily retrieve all crucial information such as the communication activities, record of the incident, and most importantly, the exact location of the breach from PIDS sensor. On the Digifort VMS, there is a timeline bar where users can scan through the entire video and extract only a section of the clip for post-investigation purposes.

Ensures safe, automated and secured network server

There is an IP Filter feature that allows the administrator to define a list of IPs that are authorised access the Digifort server. With this capability, it can block all external access to the server, allowing only the local network or even restricting access to only some stations of the local network. Also, the system enables log in enforcement measures through authentication via biometrics, increasing the security of the network server.
Our PIDS and Digifort Enterprise is effected at various critical infrastructure like substations sites, with an advantage to multiple sites that may require for future site expansions.
After the implementation of our solution, end-user receives reliable alarm intrusion notifications with no or minimal nuisance alarm, allowing the security team to optimise its resources and focus on real threats. In the event of an actual intrusion, the reaction time of the security teams is significantly reduced as a result of the accurate pinpoint capability by our PIDS sensor, enabling swift response from informed decisions to manage the incident. With this, security managers from critical infrastructure and high-value assets can have peace of mind with our robust one-stop solution, delivering future-ready solutions and unparalleled security protection.

For more information, you may also view Digifort VMS full feature matrix.

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