AgilFence Conducted a Certified Partners’ Workshop for Qdtek in Hanoi, Vietnam

In partnership with Quang Dung Northern Technology (Qdtek), an exclusive reseller of Milestone VMS and a distributor of Axis Communications CCTVs, AgilFence has thoughtfully conducted a certified partners’ workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam, to a group of local engineers in the first week of September. The design of AgilFence certified partners’ workshop is to provide the local engineers a comprehensive understanding of Perimeter Intrusion Security Systems (PIDS) and ultimately, the knowledge to design and install a perimeter security system.

The certified partners’ workshop includes classroom learning and a series of theory test with an award of certification upon assessment, following the agenda:

  • Principle and practice of AgilFence PIDS
  • Infrastructure requirement for AgilFence PIDS
  • General site survey requirement
  • Deployment of sensor cable on fence and barriers
  • Functions of software applications
  • Installation of sensor cables on fence barrier
  • Configure pre-tensioning on fence barrier
  • Manage the interface of AgilFence perimeter intrusion security system to a video management system
  • Familiarise with Proof-of-Concept basic test cases
  • A series of theory test
  • Question and answer

While we believes that knowledge and learning has no limits and boundaries, it takes an individual with a passion towards learning to persevere through a comprehensive programme. We see a burning passion in the local engineers supported by the satisfactory number of certificates issued to those who have passed the test. This certification verifies the engineer ability to conceptualise and plan a security system to protect key assets and infrastructures. We take pride in awarding the certification, as it is the very same document attained by our sales personnel, which involves a thorough theoretical evaluation process.

At the end of the workshop, we gathered a significant number of excellent feedback from the attendees on the activities and trainer’s performance that have surpassingly met expectations, objectives and ignited interest. “We really want AgilFence integration with our VMS for a total solution”, said Hoang Van Truong, a local engineer. When asked on how this course would apply to the work place, an attendee from the department of security said, being equipped with the knowledge “for building projects”.

Overall, the certified partner’s workshop was a fulfilling experience to see how the programme has value added to the local engineers, equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to design, configure, and manage software to implement the right perimeter solution on a specific infrastructure. We hope to share with the world the same knowledge and skills that was shared in Vietnam. Allow us to continue to educate and invest in people we believe in.

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