ST Engineering Launches World’s First FBG-based Buried Intrusion Detection Solution for Perimeter Security

ST Engineering today announced the launch of its new AgilFence Buried Intrusion Detection System (BIDS) that will provide layered protection for critical facilities and enhance border security. AgilFence BIDS is the world’s first buried intrusion detection solution that combines highly sensitive Fibre Bragg grating (FBG) fibre-optic sensors with advanced signal processing algorithms to provide instantaneous and accurate detection of footsteps that cross unfenced boundary lines. It is developed using ST Engineering’s award-winning, state-of-the-art AgilFence technology that has been deployed to safeguard key critical assets globally.

With an intrusion location accuracy of down to three metres and a high detection rate of 90%, AgilFence BIDS is one of the most reliable solutions in the industry. With the ability to secure fenced and unfenced borders without power and electronics in the field over long distances, the AgilFence BIDS has proven capable of enhancing national security and helping agencies ensure continuous delivery of essential services even in challenging environmental conditions.

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