Hi, We are AGIL™

We are excited to share our new distinctive yet unifying products brand, AGIL™. As part of ST Engineering Masterbrand and its Electronics’ arm in unifying over 50 products and solutions, we are adopting the unique solutioning approach, AGIL. As it has always been, we know what it takes to solve real world-challenges, and now together with uplifting spirits, we present to you our new brand logo.

Shaping purposeful and impactful outcomes with AGIL

The new branding and solutioning approach, AGIL, is grounded by 3-pronged principles to effect and enable purposeful, impactful outcomes. For every product designed, every solution engineered and every platform integrated, we ask if each is a conscious innovation, does it provide intuitive experiences and enable sharp, clear actions and outcomes for incisive moments.

By unifying emerging technologies and experiential thinking with our proven expertise, we can provide solutions to sense, connect and act effectively, efficiently for safer and smarter cities.

In the next coming months, you will see more of our brand elements in our new marketing collaterals and website refresh.

Stay tuned for more information on our latest brand-related announcement.

Meanwhile, to find out what our suite of AGIL solutions can do for you, contact us at AGILFence@stengg.com.