Integration into Bosch BIS via OPC UA

AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) has integrated into Bosch Building Integration System (BIS), a software that manages its proprietary products and integrates with third-party subsystems like access control, video surveillance, and intrusion systems. This is possible with the support of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) protocol developed by the OPC Foundation, to enable a future of interconnected system of complex technologies.

Bosch BIS has proven its reliability in over 3,000 installations and 10 million detectors globally. Following this integration is the ability to provide operators from various industries a secured solution capable of viewing real-time analytics that is reflective of intrusion areas on a single platform, and receiving alarm alerts for verification, which helps to simplify security management and increase efficiency.

AgilFence PIDS, capable of seamless integration into various third-party applications and systems, gives operators a piece of mind knowing that designing an interconnected security system could be cost-effective and yet, with an ease on the installation. Our security system is a scalable architecture that is easily integrable into existing ISM and CCTV network and, readily expandable with other servers across the globe.

By having all security hardware and software to intelligently link together, the system can leverage onto a centralised command centre to monitor multiple intrusions from an allocated display panel. Additionally, with our proprietary alarm management system, the perimeter can be remotely monitored. When there is an intrusion, an alert according to the real-time video analytics will be automatically forwarded to smart devices.How does it work?

AgilFence PIDS -> OPC UA Server <- OPC UA Client <- Bosch BIS

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