GSX 2018

GSX 2018

25 Sep - 7 Sep

GSX 2018

25 Sep – 7 Sep

Venue: Las Vegas, US
Booth: 3851



19 Jun - 21 Jun

Venue: London, UK
Booth: F415



8 May - 10 May

Venue: Cairo, Egypt
Booth: A23

Expo Seguridad Mexico

Expo Seguridad Mexico

24 Apr - 26 Apr

Venue: Citibanamex Center, Mexico City
Booth: #2353



5 Apr - 7 Apr

Venue: Mumbai, India
Booth: Infinova Booth – Hall No. 1, Booth B-1

Intersec Dubai 2018

Intersec Dubai 2018

21 Jan - 23 Jan

Venue: Dubai, UAE
Booth: #S1-D34


Technology partnership with Genetec

To provide better products and solutions for our customers, AgilFence is constantly establishing strong alliances with exclusively selected technology partners. The AgilFence PIDS is well known for its ease of integration with multiple ISMS platforms, such as our technology partner Genetec’s. Gene…


Grand Opening for ST Electronics Chongqing

ST Engineering’s Electronics arm is proud to announce the grand opening of their newest subsidiary, ST Electronics Chongqing, on 29 October 2018. Chongqing is a major manufacturing centre and transportation hub in China.

The new office will enable ST Engineering’s Electronics sector to provid…


AgilFence Personnel & Asset Tracker (PAT) debuts at Changi East development site for enhanced security and safety

AgilFence Personnel & Asset Tracker (PAT) is a comprehensive smart wireless locator system using GPS and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology to accurately track your specific asset or personnel outdoor and indoor respectively.

Advantages of electronic tracking on the airfield:
• All workers a…


AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) has completed evaluation by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc (Safe Skies)

We are proud to announce that AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) has completed testing and evaluation by US-based National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. (Safe Skies).

Safe Skies is an independent, third party non-profit organization funded by the Federal Aviation Administration tha…


We have expanded our integration partnership with Genetec Security Center

AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a truly effective and reliable perimeter security solution to protect critical infrastructure and high-value assets.
With its highly accurate and precise intrusion detection, AgilFence PIDS works seamlessly with Genetec’s powerful video manga…


AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) in Middle East

he demand for AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) in the Middle East was driven by factors such as a rising number of perimeter intrusions, and unauthorised access to facilities. AgilFence PIDS offers highly accurate and instantaneous intrusion detection, enabling a facility’s secu…


The award-winning AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is available in the US and Canada

AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) from ST Engineering is available in the US and Canada. AgilFence PIDS has been the solution of choice for perimeter security in critical infrastructures, such as international airports, transportation hubs, and power facilities.
For general sale…


AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) in South Asia

We are thankful for the interest shown towards AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) in South Asia. AgilFence PIDS is able to provide an extremely high detection rate even with hard to detect intrusions such as attempts to cut or scale the fence with a ladder.
For general sales and …


Technological partnership with Digifort

AgilFence is proud to announce our successful integration with Digifort. Digifort’s Video Management Software (VMS) provides organisations with surveillance, access control and automation in a distributed and accessible manner. This integration enables users to extract valuable data collected on the…


ST Electronics Highlight Integrated Management Solution for Army Camp

The AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) installed provided perimeter security with the addition of sensors along the fences to detect any intrusion attempt or disturbances. Video surveillance camera feeds are transmitted to a command center which communicates to ground patrol.