Distributed Temperature Sensing

Distributed Temperature Sensing system provides on-conditioning monitoring of pipeline leakage and hot-spots along the entire length of power cable, bus-ducts, tunnels. DTS provides continuous real-time monitoring and give early warnings and prevent further damages to your valuable assets.

Key Features

  • No blind zone along entire length of sensing cable
  • Continuous, 24/7, real-time monitoring
  • Immune to EMC/EMI and lightning and no maintenance required
  • Easy deployment


  • Oil and gas pipeline leakage detection
  • Fire detection in the tunnel
  • Power cable and bus-ducts
  • Temperature monitoring in PDUs for Data centre
  • In-building electrical system fault
  • Chilled Water pipeline leakage detection for District Cooling System
How It Works

The AgilFence Distributed Temperature Sensing uses Raman-effect and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) technology. When a light pulse is launched into the fibre and falls on the thermally excited molecular lattice, the light scatters called Raman Scattering will occur, being received and analysed by the interrogation unit and processing unit. The amplitude of the scattered light is directly related to the intensity of thermal excitation. If the amplitude is higher than the threshold set the alarm will be triggered. Furthermore, because of the constant speed of light in the fibre, the travel distance of the light can be easily calculated from the time of travelling, therefore, the event can be located accurately.