AgilFence Dronebox is a quick response, unmanned system. It is capable of launching drone missions while acting as the command centre. It enables autonomous take-off and landing and keeps the drone ready for action.

Dronebox is a ruggedized standalone system, with solar powered off-grid capabilities for monitoring and surveillance applications in remote areas. Drone missions can be scheduled for routine flights to monitor facilities, or dispatched automatically by alarmed events.

Key Features

  • Automate inspection processes with real-time monitoring
  • Autonomous take-offs and RTB
  • Removes the need for trained pilot for operations
  • Reduces personnel travelling to remote areas
  • Solar-powered for off-grid applications
  • Smart video analytics


  • Police/Emergency Services
  • Security Surveillance
  • Building Inspection
  • Worksite Inspection
  • Border Patrols
How It Works

Operational Concept

  1. Intrusion detected
  2. Dronebox receives intrusion location and summons drone
  3. Drone captures visual of intrusion location
  4. Real-time video transmission back to the command centre