Smart Personnel Asset Tracker

AgilFence Personnel & Asset Tracker provides an accurate real-time and instantaneous detection for every outdoor tracking need.

Key Features

  • Small, compact, light-weight, wireless device
  • High battery endurance
  • Low operational cost as 3G/GPRS is the main communication mode
  • Alternative SMS communication when 3G/GPRS service is unavailable
  • Mobile configurable


  • Personnel & Asset Tracking
  • Security Crew / Visitor Tracking
  • Restricted Zone Control
  • Monitor Worker’s Location & Safety
  • Personal Locator for Expeditions
  • Fleet Management
How It Works

AgilFence Personnel Asset Tracker extracts an asset’s or user’s GPS location at a programmable interval. It then sends its location with a status update to the designated computer (as a base station) via 3G or GRPS (only via SMS if GRPS is unavailable). Tracker information can be viewed from the computer and / or our mobile app.

Operational Concept

Users may use a computer as a mobile Base Station or our Mobile App to configure each tracker according to their operational needs.