ST Engineering Exhibited an Integrated Solution for Pylon Protection at EGAT GIS Workshop

ST Engineering is proud to showcase its integrated solution relating to pylon protection at the EGAT GIS workshop, organised by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and Geo-Informatics (GIS) Center, held on 28 November at Thailand. The workshop engaged an audience of five hundred attendees; among them were government officials of Thailand and executive officers from the Assistant Governor of System Control. During the workshop, engineers and product specialists from the various speciality came together to share on the latest technology advancements to support project planning, problem-solving and decision-making, with consideration of threats against boundary and trespassing disputes.

A summary of the integrated solution discussed during the workshop:

  • Geo-Insights presentation on monitoring solutions for pylons and power-line includes vehicular, illegal settlements and vegetation detection using satellite imagery and analytics software. These solutions provide critical insights on infrastructure development and precision agriculture mapping for increased yield and sustainability.
  • Aerospace live demonstration on the autonomous surveillance of drones system shows its capabilities to conduct premise inspection beyond visual line of sight operation, transforming reliable data into actionable field intelligence. Hence, optimising input costs that allow confident decision-making.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System completes the full end-to-end view of the technology solutions. It is the first line of defence in deterring, detecting and delaying an unanticipated threat. Its full fibre-optic solution and advanced processing signals can provide precise intelligent information of the trespassed location, reducing operational time and proving to be efficient yet cost-effective.

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