AGIL Fence is eager to share the new forthcoming AGIL Virtual Key- the all-new intelligent key management providing frictionless asset protection and keys control to critical infrastructure and enterprises and a line-up of connected cloud application solution and versatile locks.

Leveraging a decade of perimeter security and beyond, the new AGIL Virtual Key (previously known as SensSecure) provides more opportunities to serve customers in new ways today and into the future in the enterprise segment, like data centres, utilities, railways and telecommunication infrastructures.

AGIL Virtual Key mobile application is a platform to virtualise the physical key to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. It securely manages access control to different sites, provides high visibility on access, and automatically report fraudulent attempts when it occurs.

Unlike any smart locks in the market, the AGIL Virtual Key sets a new approach to asset protection and management through our smart padlocks and intelligent cabinet locks that are simple, intuitive, and seamlessly fit into the needs of customers.

Keep a lookout for new product releases in the coming weeks.

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